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There are a number of entertainment offerings in the area that includes galleries, theatre plays, cinema acts and tours.

Johannesburg Art Hotel - Maboneng Hotel

Galleries and retail outlets

Tuesday – Sunday (10am – 4pm).

Galleries and retail outlets throughout Maboneng are open to the public.

12 Decades Hotel - Johannesburg Art Hotel - Mobaneng Hotel

Market on Main

The Market on Main, Johannesburg’s premiere food and design market, is on at Arts on Main every Sunday.



Maboneng Hotel - Johannesburg Art Hotel

Activities and Experiences

Walking Tours of the City, including a tailor made Maboneng Art Tour, which operate daily on a booking basis. Don’t miss the Sunday “Picnics in the Sky” at the Carlton Centre.



12 Decades Hotel - Johannesburg Art Hotel - Maboneng Hotel

Maboneng Precinct

In addition to the weekly staples, the Maboneng Precinct is known for hosting a range of events, from fashion events to Live Music. Further information on events in the area can be obtained on arrival.


A full list of the galleries and retail spaces are available on the Maboneng Precinct website.

12 Decades Hotel - Johannesburg Art Hotel - Maboneng Hotel

Nearby Spaces:

Within a short distance from the 12 Decades Hotel are several Johannesburg Landmarks, including Constitutional court, Constitutional Hill, Johannesburg Art Gallery,The Apartheid Museum and Ellis Park Stadium.

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